SEO Training

SEO Training

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$495 +GST
Duration: 3 Hours
Public Workshop – Max 12 People

Learn how to SEO from a local practicing SEO expert.

We’ve been training businesses how to SEO for more than 8 years and one of the few companies in Australia who are willing to show you how to do this yourself.

We’ll show you the best and current methodologies to obtain and secure a first-page ranking in Google.



Duration: All Day
Public Workshop – Max 12 People

First, we’ll show you how to build your own professional website – bring your laptop and you’ll build it on the day.

Then we break for lunch (provided) and we’ll then show you how to SEO your own website.

You leave with a website, the skills, and knowledge needed to get your website ranking on page 1.



Approx $5,850 +GST for the Group
Duration: 4-6 Hours
Private Workshop – Max 12 People

This is the course we teach SEO people.

If you are a web agency, marketing agency or advertising agency and you want to start offering your clients REAL SEO in-house – this is the workshop.

It’s a full day – and we split it in half. The first half is for your sales and non-techie staff as well as your developers. The second half is low-level detail designed for the team members who will DO the SEO.

We include professionally printed 300-page handout manuals to every person who attends so that you have a complete record and “how to manual” after training.

We also support your team afterwards by including 2 free hours of consultancy for follow ups.

Training can be held at our training rooms in the city centre, or at your location for a small additional travel charge.



$1,545 +GST
Duration: 3-4 Hours
Private Workshop – Max 6 People

Many of our clients enjoy the option to eventually, be able to take over control of the SEO campaign themselves.

While most SEO agencies would use scare tactics to avoid you doing this, or tell you it was too hard or complex, or worse still, lock you into a contract – we actually encourage our clients to eventually take it over.

This lets us take on new clients – and fresh blood is good!

So when the time comes, we’ll sit down with you and teach you the SEO methods we used to get your rankings, and what you need to KEEP DOING so you don’t lose them.

It’s not to try and make you an SEO Guru – more an SEO Manager so you can keep your rankings up, save some money, and invest in your own skill set.

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SEO Training
Are you looking for professional SEO training for your business? Well, look no further.

We offer professional SEO Training for small businesses in Australia. Our expertise is based on proven SEO practices and focuses on the benefits that Search Engine Optimisation gives small businesses in the modern digital world.

Our SEO training is affordable and actionable with principles you can start implementing right away
With real hands on SEO experience, we deliver the best quality SEO training money can buy.
We’ll show you the actual methods used by actual SEO practitioners – not the “sales” stuff that you’re used to being told about

The truth about SEO is that it’s actually a very difficult thing to sell to someone. Imagine trying to sell something that has no guarantee’s of ever working, but costs thousands of dollars and months of investment.

We focus on SEO Training – not SEO Selling.

With actual hands on SEO experience, we can deliver the best quality SEO training money can buy. We’ll show you the methods used by actual SEO practitioners – not the “sales” stuff that you’re used to be told about.

Not a great prospect. That’s why some people who sell SEO tend to stretch the truth. It’s hard work to get it across the line.

We don’t need to worry about selling SEO – we’re being engaged in training SEO and that’s what we specialise in.

Would you prefer to talk to us in person? Well for a free meeting and coffee at your office or your favourite cafe simply send us an email or call.




Since we don’t DO SEO, and focus exclusively on SEO training, we can give you an honest and reliable system for running your own SEO campaign.

We will spell out in simple step-by-step instructions (and give you a workbook too!) on how to run your own SEO campaign so that you can take care of business ongoing.




Like most things, Search Engine Optimisation can definitely be learned and skilled up over time. It’s an ideal tool for small business owners to master so that you can take charge of your website marketing.




We offer introductory courses that start at just 2 hours. While you won’t become an expert overnight, the 2-hour session is designed to get you up to speed and show you how the process works.




So many people start online businesses and fail abysmally – why is that? What is the difference between a successful online business and a complete and utter failure?

Well, there are too many reasons to go into here, but there are some absolute basics that you need to have under your belt, for you to have any hope of crushing it online.

If you have no idea who you want to sell to, how can you set up your marketing strategy and craft your message? Without this knowledge, you will be behind the eight ball and most probably end up wasting your time and your money on ineffective marketing campaigns.

Let’s be honest here, this is not rocket science, because if you know your product then you should be able to identify your likely customers. So put together your ideal customer, with their gender, age, likes and dislikes and most importantly – their pain points.

Identify the problems that your products can solve for them and then meet your audience where they are right now. Remember, it is difficult to sell to people who are not interested in your products, but it is fairly easy to sell to those who are already looking for a solution – you just have to identify who these people are and target them correctly.


People like brands and can become extremely loyal to particular brands. So set yourself apart from the competition and create a brand which can be easily identified online.

You can hire firms who are experts in branding, but there are a few essentials that you can put in place yourself, to save some time and money. So make sure that your website is branded with your company name or your brand name, whichever you decide to use in your campaigns.

You also need a professional website and a consistent social media presence, to begin with, and then you need to build positive relationships with your target audience. Make sure that you know where your audience spends their time online, in other words, which social media channels they like to use and then interact with them on these channels.


Without search engine optimisation (SEO) you don’t have much chance of being found in the search engine results pages (SERPs). You can, of course, use paid advertisements exclusively (PPC), but why ignore free traffic from the search engines?

SEO is vital to ranking in the SERPs and even if you use PPC as part of your campaign, you are shooting yourself in the foot if you ignore SEO.

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